Guernsey Childrens' Services 2015

During 2015 all staff of Guernsey's Childrens' Services were taught The Decider Life Skills via a series of one day workshops. 

The aim of the workshops was to increase confidence in working with mental health and to develop the common language of The Decider Life Skills across services.

110 people who work with children, young people and their families and carers attended one of 8 one day workshops.  The attendees were from a range of professional backgrounds.

Attendees gave these written feedback statements:

  • Brilliant course for intervention with families, I can really see how this will be effective for so many of the families we are working with
  • Fun, thought provoking session.
  • A great day – great fun + very useful
  • Very well presented and hearing personal stories helped a lot. Like how visual it is 
  • Thank you – it was excellent and informative. I will make sure the rest of my team are trained!
  • A multi-sensory experience that I won’t forget
  • Absolutely superb – thank you. How privileged I feel to have been trained by exceptional practitioners – highly skilled and knowledgeable. Definitely enhance my practice. Thank you
  • A really really good day; conveying very important skills and how to teach them in a supportive informative skilful and fun way.
  • Fantastic day – I’ve never had so much fun in a training day (unlike some others!) It will stick with me and I will remember it! I will definitely pass this on and ask foster carers to attend – It will be great for them.
  • This course is one of the best I have ever been on. This will help many children and young people and families (excellent instructors)
  • Would help to have a refresher/reflection day in the future. The trainers had a good sense of humour and made a fun entertaining day.
  • I felt the Decider Skills delivery was excellent, it brought the subject to life and made it very real, enabling to use with clients.
  • The presentation & whole course was extremely useful. Michelle & Carol really care about the subject which brings the whole course to life and enthuses the students.
  • Enjoyed this training! Loved the interaction & fun you made
  • Very memorable demonstrations! Nice to be laughing in training. I can see how to use the skills in myself and my client group.
  • Very informative and practical.
  • Great fun course, brilliantly presented. Liked the use of music.
  • Great training for work and personal life
  • Great day thanks – I’m hoping we can use this at the family centre. 
  • Very interesting to be in a training session that is actually practical/gives useful tools for direct work. Really well done.
  • This has been an excellent course. The best I have been in. Thank you so much.
  • Excellent course – should be delivered to everyone working in education and to young people themselves – not just when come in when already a problem.
  • Very useful skills training for both clinical work and personal life.  Excellent training course, extremely interesting and interactive. Very useable and applicable to everyday life.
  • Excellent interactive course, very well delivered.
  • Would be good for us in schools. Especially to teach against the comment “Oh he/she is just attention seeking”.
  • I really enjoyed the whole day thank you so much for these core skills.
  • Fantastic course – I can now speak the same language as my clients.

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