Using The Decider Skills with individuals with Autism Spectrum Conditions

The Decider Skills are for everyone - adults, young people and children.

We are often asked if The Decider Skills can be used with individuals with ASC/ASD.

Our approach is for clinicians and teachers to learn the skills so that they can then pitch their teaching to suit their client or student needs.

If you are a teacher, you will know how best to pitch your teaching because you know your student. It means that the skills can be taught to children, young people and adults, even if they have different presentations.  


The manual is not rigid. We give you the 'tools' and you then decide how to adapt the teaching to suit them and to make it a creative, individualised, person centred approach to learning the skills. It is a collaborative way of working which enables clinicians and teachers and empowers clients and students.


This is especially important for people with autism, as there is no 'one size fits all'.


For a person with an ASC/ASD, the teaching and practising of the skills may take more time – and bear in mind the recommended adaptations below.


CBT Adaptations for ASD - adults (Spain et al 2015)

  • Increased number of sessions (10-17)
  • More visual cues and written material
  • Avoid colloquialisms
  • Experiential tasks
  • Increased compliance with homework


Other recommendations (links below):

  • Use written and visual information
  • Use concrete, simplified techniques for cognitive strategies
  • Use special interests
  • Involve parents and carers throughout
  • Shorter sessions
  • Use variety of media and technologies
  • Evidence based - use of "scientific mind"
  • Multiple strategies - physical, behavioural, social
  • Enjoyable
  • Right development level
  • Focus on practical and visual learning
  • Extra time
  • Therapist flexibility and creativity


The Decider Skills include all the above suggestions and can be adapted to suit each individual. 


The most important factor is YOU ! Your need to be flexible and creative, to make the skills understandable and meaningful and to bring the skills alive for your clients.


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