Feedback from mental health service users

Read examples of the feedback we have received from those with mental health problems who have learned The Decider Skills as part of their treatment.

November 2023

I just wanted to say thank you for my decider (online self help) course.  I finished today.  I have been struggling with anxiety and depression as part of my menopause which unfortunately brought out my eating disorder.   I started this course to give me more skills to help with my emotional outbursts, I have tried CBT before but I am more of a visual learner.  So this course has been amazing for me.  I am seeing a therapist at the moment but the two combined are very complementary.  There are 3 skills that I am using religiously at the moment and I know in the next few months the others will also follow.  Thank you for such a wonderful course, I have laughed whilst learning and cannot recommended this enough.  SP


February 2022

A fantastic book (The Decider 32 Skills for Self Help), tremendously helpful, thank you.  I will continue to use your book, at least once a day, as the messages given have opened my eyes to past failings and are leading me onto a hopefully better future.  At the age of 88 it is very reassuring to know this can be more rational and pleasant.   B


I was lucky enough to have received the 32 skills through my psychiatric nurse last year (NHS Lothian). This course has genuinely changed my life and I use the principles every single day.  2 decades of mental health issues and this course was the turning point for me. I was given the tools to identify why I acted and felt the way I did.  I now plan to continually improve my skills and use them with my two young children. Thank you so much for developing this amazing and genuinely life saving set of skills.      Kim


Taught me skills, absolutely brilliant loved it.

It has given me many skills to use in many varied situations when stress and anxiety come on.

It has been such a fun way of learning something very serious, what a fantastic way of getting the message across.

Initially I’m not going to lie I was horrified but I stuck with it and it has been amazing and really beneficial.

I find that The Decider course has changed my life. I have suffered from mental health (problems) since I was 13 and I am now 30. I find the skills really helpful, and am coping much better with my issues...  I never thought I would ever be in this good a place, thank you.

This group's been awesome.

Even one skill has helped.

It's a very different group to anything else I've been to!

I wouldn't have missed this group for the world!

This course has changed my life.

I have not self-harmed in more than 5 years (since I did the course)

I have tried every other treatment and therapy, but this is the only thing that has helped. Thank you so much.

I've enjoyed every session.

I won't use ALL the skills, but those I do use I use every day and they are really effective.

The balance is really good - visual, fun, serious message, music, demonstrations.

When I'm too far gone, hubby says "Ask the Decider" and it really helps.

I found it excellent, a really good group and I've really enjoyed it.

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