The Decider and The Decider Life Skills:  Outcomes

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The Decider and The Decider Life Skills are firmly grounded in CBT and DBT for which there is a wealth of evidence for their efficacy in treating a wide range of mental health conditions.  The difference is in our presentation, the style of teaching, which makes the skills very user-friendly, helping everyone - including the non-clinicial population - to learn and memorise the skills and therefore able to use them at times when they really need them.
Evidence base underpinning The Decider Skills
Evidence base underpinning The Decider Life Skills

The Initial Pilot Study
Pre-intervention measures were taken at the start of the 12 session group of The Decider Skills (week 1) and post measures were taken at the end of the group (week 12). 23 people were initially included in the study, however, 3 were excluded due to incomplete measures resulting in n =20. The scores clearly decrease from pre to post measures indicating a reduction in global distress, anxiety and depression. Tthe differences found between pre and post measures were all found to be clinicially significant. Click here for more details.

A similiar study (2014) was conducted with 50 clients  - click here

The Decider Life Skills for Student Nurses

Poster presentation of a study looking at "Use of The Decider Life Skills With Mental Health Student Nurses on Clinical Placement" by Eimear O'Sullivan and Eimear Gogan, Nurse Practice Development Team (Mental Health), Dublin


NHS Highland:  The Decider Skills for Pharmacists

NHS Highland and Robert Gordon University of Aberdeen poster: A multi-perspective evaluation of specialist mental health clinical pharmacist prescribers practising within general practices in NHS Highland by Elizabeth Buist and Rebecca McLelland et al.

The Decider Skills in Portlaoise, Ireland
Award winning Poster presentation & results showing significant reduction in the scores on the CORE-10 and BEST outcome measures.

The Decider Skills in Guernsey
Poster summary of results so far (October 2017)

School Pilot Study
The Decider Life Skills were taught to the teachers of a Guernsey secondary school, then taught to all students as a universal proactive mental health teaching.
The teachers reported an increase in their own knowledge and ability to deal with and teach effective skills.
The teachers workshop
The teachers taught the skills in various ways according to suit their lesson subject and style of teaching. The Decider Life Skills has become embedded into the life of the school.  205 students completed the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire before being taught the Life Skills and again several months later at the end of the academic year.
The Students

Implementation of The Decider Life Skills into Amherst Primary School, Guernsey

The HUB (Barnado's Guernsey)
The HUB is a local young people's charity which supports students in all island secondary schools.  These results and feedback are from working with 3 individual students who were referred to The HUB for help with mental health and/or behavioural problems.
Using The Decider Life Skills as targetted approach in a Guernsey secondary school

Primary School Study
The Hub also worked with a local primary school - they taught the teachers, who then taught the children. The school have passionately embedded the skills into the everyday life of the school, and also run family groups.
Implementation of The Decider Life Skills into Amherst Primary School, Guernsey

Results from 34 young people who were taught The Decider Skills over an average of 8 sessions.
CAMHS 2016

Upturn Young People's Service, with Solent Mind & University of Southampton

Christopher, H. J., & Easton, S. (2017). A service evaluation of Upturn Young Person’s Service: preliminary results. Solent Mind in collaboration with the University of Southampton.

Fareham & Gosport Wellbeing Service
Data analysis of 2 years of The Decider Skills


NHS Grampian

NHS Grampian Poster for the NMAHP June 2018

Childrens' Services
A series of one day workshops in 2015, training childrens' services staff and carers to teach children and their families The Decider Life Skills
Children's Services workshops

Mental Health Services
55 clients and 23 staff from secondary and primary care mental health services, who attended 3 hour The Decider Life Skills workshops during 2016
Mental Health Services: The Decider Life Skills workshops

Feedback for The Decider
Feedback for The Decider Life Skills