Do You Have What It Takes?

Do you have what it takes to be an AUTHORISED TRAINER of The Decider Skills?


The Decider Skills are proving to be a flexible and adaptable model.  Evidence based and effective. Memorable and made easy to use, creative, fun and interactive.  The demand for the skills is increasing in health, education, voluntary, business and the third sector.

The Decider is our 'baby'.  We are looking for trusted, enthusiastic teams of two trainers who are committed to delivering our training at a high standard and who are prepared to evidence their commitment to us and The Decider.

We welcome approaches from teams of two special professionals to become The Decider AUTHORISED TRAINERS.  You will be handpicked - by us.

Please only contact us if you fulfil the following requirements.

Qualifications and Key Requirements:
  • To deliver the 32 skills of The Decider Skills - you must BOTH have a core mental health profession (nursing, social work, occupational therapy, psychology, psychiatry, psychological therapy) and subsequent training in CBT and/or DBT to be able to teach other mental health professionals.
  • To deliver the 12 skills of The Decider Life Skills - you must BOTH have a relevant professional qualification (and/or evidence of extensive experience) - to be able to teach other professionals.  Teachers are particularly welcome to apply.
  • You must BOTH have attended a 2 day Decider Skills workshop facilitated by Michelle and Carol
  • You must BOTH have facilitated a minimu of 3 client/student groups
  • You must provide evidence of outcome measures (qualitative and quantitive) from those 3 client/student groups  (You are then able to talk from an experienced professional perspective; giving authentic, relevant examples are important.  You need to be credible and respected within your organisation, profession or local area).
  • You need to be self motivated, flexible, enthusiastic and willing to travel (making own arrangements as required) and negotiate with commissioners of training.
  • You must BOTH be enthusiastic, experienced professionals who can deliver The Decider Skills with fun, enthusiasm and passion. (the same style as Michelle and Carol)
  • You must be willing to provide a video of a workshop (for review and constructive comment) within 12 months

Before going any further - here are some things to think about...

There is a BIG difference between teaching clients/students to use the skills, to actually becoming  AUTHORISED TRAINERS and facilitating workshops/training for professional staff.

If you are the AUTHORISED TRAINER, you really have to know your stuff.  This includes a sound knowledge of CBT and/or DBT and the ability to talk with good authority about the evidence base which sits beneath each skill.  We have worked hard to make the skills easy to understand and to learn.  So while on the surface they seem simple, the evidence base underpinning each one is complex.

As an  AUTHORISED TRAINER of professionals - that knowledge base, skills, expererience and experience of running groups for complex clients is vital.

Professionals learning the skills have to be absolutely confident in the model and that the people training them know what they are talking about.  Professionals can ask difficult questions and an  AUTHORISED TRAINER will quickly lose confidence and credibility if they cannot answer them fully or manage the workshop effectively.

Some people 'think' they can deliver training to groups of staff.  Actually doing it is a different matter... it's hard work and not as easy as it appears.  Be honest with yourself - are you really able to do this?  If so...


If we think you have the potential to be an authorised trainer, we will invite you to attend an interview day with us in a private meeting room at Gatwick Airport in November/December 2017.  You will be responsible for your own travel costs and accommodation etc.

We will provide lunch and refreshments on the day.

The day will involve:

  • A discussion - we want to get to know you!
  • A detailed explanation of how to present a trainers workshop
  • We will provide you with a USB stick which will include Powerpoint Presentations
  • We will provde a specific Trainers Resource Pack
  • We will provide practical financial information
  • We will give you any further information required