Feedback for The Decider Life Skills

Youth Work Leader

"There isn’t a day that goes by when we don’t use The Decider Life Skills with our young people. The variety of skills showed in the handbook ensures that each person can select the skills that work for their individual needs. The trainers book is just as clearly written as the young person's handbook, which makes it really simple to teach with individuals or small groups." EC

Lead Mental Health Nurse / Family Therapist - Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service

"The Decider Skills offer a fun and interactive opportunity to engage young people and their families in a DBT skills approach without the formality of “textbook” DBT . I would highly recommend them to other CAMHS teams . The Life Skills are a gift for all and I would advocate that they should be incorporated into the education curriculum within PHSE lessons."   SM

Mental Health Charity

"The Decider Life Skills are at the forefront of a revolution in how we think about mental health. The skills are straightforward, practical and fun which makes them easier to remember when we’re under stress. I use them with clients, with my children and for myself. EL

Children's Charity

"The Decider Life Skills are a really helpful way to engage children and young people in discussions around their mental wellbeing and emotional health. Not only is the handbook clear, it is fun and engaging too.RC

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, CAMHS

"The Decider Skills have been very useful in helping the young people and adolescents we see, who struggle with regulating their emotions. The skills are effective and memorable."  TH

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, Adult Primary Care

"I regularly incorporate The Decider Life Skills into my therapy sessions.  The Decider Life Skills are simple, but very effective practical skills that can be used by everyone.  Many of my clients have reported that they have found the skills very useful and helpful in managing their difficulties."  LF

High School Teacher

"We've been using The Decider Life Skills for over a year now at school and have seen a marked improvement in the way that the students tackle difficulties in their everyday life. The Decider Life Skills have been a really fun way to teach the students (and ourselves!) to take responsibility for their emotions and actions and to act in a more thoughtful way. The visuals really help in our class as an instant reminder of each skill and the whole package has just made teaching about mental health and wellbeing so simple and fun."   LV

Primary School Headteacher (after implementing The Decider Life Skills throughout the school - see report here)

“The children’s responses were so positive- all noting substantial changes in their capacity to manage emotions. Wow! The strength and value in this, is having a whole school language for children to articulate their feelings. It is used across the school, in managing situations."


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Feedback received for The Decider Life Skills online training course by a mental health professional:

"I have completed The Decider Life Skills Online Course. I was familiar with the Decider skills through my experience observing and assisting with the implementation of a Decider group intervention in a mental health setting. This online training course was engaging and interesting through the combination of text, videos, images!  I learned many new ideas that will enhance the way I implement therapeutic groups in the future. The outcomes section of the Decider website is especially interesting and encouraging. The Decider group at our facility consistently receives positive feedback and outcomes similar to those identified on your website." Jessica A. (March 2018)

Feedback from The Decider Life Skills Workshops

Thank you so much for putting on this brilliant course. My daughter had already done some work with a lovely mental health nurse but it had not really made sense to her. Michelle and Carol put on a show yesterday that was entertaining and so realistic that it was easy to see how their methods could easily be applied to make good changes. My daughter was certainly very enthusiastic which was a joy to see. Thank you once again.

This should be taught in all schools.

I wanted to drop you a short line thanking you for putting on the above course last Friday. I have to say it is the best course I have attended in many a year. Not only were both Michelle and Carol were fantastic presenters, but their Life Skills are straight-forward and (importantly) relatively easy to remember. I fully endorse their view that their message needs to get it out into the community at large, and if at all possible to our youth. Thank you.

Very informative, a big eye opener. There is a lot I can take away from this and learn about myself and how I can to change for the better.

Really helpful workshop.

Very beneficial workshop. This would have helped a lot earlier in my mental health journey. Very engaging, dynamic lecturers/teachers. I think all (health professionals) for their own practice would benefit from this brief workshop.

Very useful tools to enable me to think before taking actions. Will help me to build on my values and break cycles where previously I may have acted on impulse. Thank you. Very thought provoking.

Really useful and valuable workshop.

This strikes me as an excellent, accessible, non-threatening presentation of vital life skills, valuable to professionals and individuals in need. It is applicable to a wide age group, and level of education, and promotes confidence in your own ability to cope. I wish all families could experience this!

Tremendously powerful workshop.  Everyone should know these skills!

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