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Can I order the manuals or handbooks if I live outside the UK or Ireland?
Yes, we send them all over the world. Please order from this page

Do I need to attend a workshop in order to run a skills group for clients?
It is possible to teach the Life Skills to others using your copy of The Decider Life Skills Trainer Manual. However, attending a workshop is very beneficial, particularly as you'll learn the all-important "style" of the teaching, get hints and tips and skills practice. You will also hear about the ongoing development and evidence base.

Now that I've attended a workshop, can I run a workshop for my colleagues or train others to teach the skills?
No. Attending the workshop enables you to teach your group of people (clients/students etc)only, not to other potential trainers. You are welcome to use the PowerPoint presentation in the Resources section to introduce other professionals/potential trainers to the Decider. If you are interested in becoming an AUTHORISED TRAINER for The Decider, please see Do you have what it takes?

I'm the only person in my service who has attended a workshop. Can I teach the Life Skills in a course or class on my own or with a colleague who hasn't been to a workshop?
We advise that 2 members from each service attend a workshop. It's important that 2 trainers facilitate a skills group. A 2nd professional, who hasn't attended a workshop, can act as co-facilitator, and therefore also learn the "style" of The Decider during the group.

When are the next workshops?
Look at the workshops page which will be kept updated, or leave your contact details here and we'll let you know

Do I have to teach ALL the skills?
We encourage the routine teaching of all 12 Life Skills to most people to gain maximum benefit as proactive mental health. It is good to have a wide range of skills. You can use fewer skills, or choose the skills you consider will be most useful to your group, particularly for younger children or young people/adults with special needs. Teach everyone STOPP skill. This is the cornerstone skill. It helps lead on to use any of the other skills.

Do I have to teach the skills in the same order as on The Decider Life Skills
Ideally, yes. We advise always starting with STOPP and using the same order when taught in groups. We have to learn to tolerate distress before we can learn to change how we react. If teaching the skills individually, again teach STOPP, then use the skills in the order that would work best for that person.

Do I have to be a qualified professional in order to teach The Decider Life Skills?
No. The skills are for anyone and everyone. If you feel confident in using and teaching the skills, then please share them with your clients. If your clients have severe and enduring mental health issues, you need to be a skilled practitioner.

Can I pick just a few skills and teach them to clients/students individually?
Yes of course. In our experience, the skills are more effective when taught in a group as there is more of a fun factor. However, the skills can be tailored and personalised much more when taught individually.

Can we use The Decider Life Skills for people with existing mental health problems (rather than proactive mental health)?
Yes absolutely. We encourage flexibility to suit the clients you work with. Do what is best for them. Take their feedback and make changes if required. We facilitate half day workshops for mental health clients using The Decider Life Skills. We facilitate a longer weekly course (10-12 weeks) to teach all 32 of The Decider Skills

Do you offer any workshops or training outside of the UK and Ireland?
Online training for The Decider Life Skills is available here

Where can I give some feedback about The Decider and The Decider Life Skills?
Please visit our feedback form

My students/client group have particular needs, can I adapt the skills to help them understand?
Yes, absolutely, adapt the teaching to suit your client/student group. The written materials are copyrighted and cannot be changed, but we encourage you to be creative with your teaching. You know your clients and how they will learn best. You can tailor your teaching to suit them. We stipulate that you keep the same "visual" for the skills. For example, if you're teaching "STOPP", you need to keep the STOPP sign as that is what appears on The Decider.

What is "the style" of the teaching?
You'll get a feel for "the style" by looking at various clips on the videos page. It's important to be upbeat, positive, warm, empathic, fun-loving, confident, willing to share a little of your own experiences, and to be comfortable doing fun role plays!

I can't access the online resources. Can you help?
Yes, please email us via the contact page

In what format should we teach the skills?
It's entirely up to you. Some examples of how they're being taught: All 12 skills in a half day workshop; One skill at a time during PSHE lessons, tutor time or assembly; 2 or 3 skills during a weekly hour's class. Teach the skills in the way that works for you and your student/client group. Schools and organisations find it helpful to place numerous posters and other reminders of The Decider Life Skills around the building e.g. on every classroom wall, in every student planner, office walls etc. Family, friends or other professionals can also be invited to awareness/information sessions.

What is the best age to teach The Decider Life Skills?

The skills can be taught at any and every age. We know children of 4 years old who use some of the skills (especially STOPP and Right Now). We encourage the teaching of The Decider Life Skills between the ages of 8 and 11 years old (UK school years 4-6) and to be regularly taught and reinforced through life, just as fire drill is at the moment.

What is the best way to introduce The Decider Life Skills in our school?

There are 3 options:


1. Order a one day workshop with our Authorised Trainers to teach all the staff: more information here. The teachers then use the Trainer Manuals and Handbooks to teach the children the skills.


2. Teachers complete The Decider Life Skills Online Training course available from this page. Each teacher then uses the Trainer Manuals and Handbooks to teach the children the skills.


3. Schools purchase The Decider Life Skills Good2Go from this page: includes videos of children teaching the skills, embedding activities for teachers, props, posters and everything you need to implement the skills throughout your school. The videos teach the children the skills, the teachers reinforce and embed the skills using the suggested activities in the accompanying Good2Go Trainer Manuals and Handbooks.