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Presentation by Dr Tim Agnew at Royal College of Psychiatrists: The Decider Skills Package in Highland

In January 2017 over 5 days, Michelle and Carol trained 250 staff from NHS Highland at 3 workshops (2 x 2 day, 1 x 1 day).  Each service/department from all over NHS Highland were represented, with the aim of The Decider Skills being implemented in all services and departments across the whole organisation.

Feedback was gained from 213 attendees.

The Decider Steering Network co-ordinates the implementation of The Decider.

The Decider Network Links were identified for each team.

Development of the "Vision for The Decider in Highland" - see below.

Establishment of The Decider Network which includes monthly meetings and sharing of ideas and challenges.

Creation of documentation.

Monthly supervision group.

NHS Highland intranet portal for information about The Decider, including "Community of Practice".

A monthly newsletter - see links below.

Links with other NHS trusts means The Decider is now spreading across Scotland, using a similar model to NHS Highland. (e.g. NHS Grampian, NHS Forth Valley, NHS Fife, NHS Lothian)

The Decider is now being widely used in NHS Trusts, Schools, Prisons, Emergency Services etc.

Vision for The Decider in Highland  - February 2017

Over the next twelve months, The Decider will become embedded across the Highland HSCP as the default common language for communicating about difficulties in emotion regulation and self-management, and as the default psychosocial skill set used to support the management of such difficulties.

The Decider will be used wherever possible to add value to patient care. Applications will involve the Decider as a “stand-alone” intervention and integrated into broader treatment packages, in both individual and group settings. In addition, the Decider package will be used to inform care and recovery planning, clinical communication and clinical documentation.

The process of supporting these aims will include:
Offering further training to the entire current and future workforce, including local provision of training for trainers to support sustainability
Delivering the Decider by skills trainers from a wide range of backgrounds, who will work across teams and services where necessary
Using the Decider to enhance the well-being of staff
Setting up effective ways of sharing information, including sharing of learning and experience, and updates on progress across Highland
Providing ongoing supervision, coaching, consultation and education as necessary, including guidance in the establishment of groups
Developing effective processes to measure the benefits of The Decider, including improvements in patient outcomes, better joined-up working, and enhancement of staff skills, morale and well-being
Working towards provision of the Decider as a population intervention
Enabling obstacles to the realisation of the vision to be overcome.


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